The RepMyBlock method

Where did we get this information?

We get our information from the Board of Election, and that information can be outdated as people move around.

We understand it is annoying to receive so much information.

I am the co-founder of a project called Rep My Block, where we are trying to reduce the amount of information while increasing engagement.

The Democratic, Republican, Green, Working Families parties spend millions of dollars trying to update the information about you in their database and then charge thousands of dollars to candidates to barrage every voter contributing to the vicious money cycle.

RepMyBlock gives that information for Free.

RepMyBlock works with all the candidates regardless of ideology and provides all the information for free.

The information is free for the Public, but the format needs to be transformed for use by the campaign. That transformation costs money, and that is what we give for free.

I keep asking them to remove my name.

Each political campaign is an independent group contacting you. The goal is to send you so many times their literature, so you remember their name and hopefully vote for them.

The goal of RepMyBlock is to complement the booklet sent by the Board of Election and the New York City Campaign Finance Board.

All a candidate wants to hear is that you will consider them.

Each candidate wants to know that you will consider their platform and loves when the voting public gets engaged.

The democratic process is not homework-free; it's real-life Spanish telenovela full of twists and turns, and you get to vote in the end.

RepMyBlock's goal is to use those concepts used on TV shows like The Voice, America Got Talent, to have you reengage with Democracy.

And that starts with my candidacy for State County Committee.

Vote Theo Chino for State Committee

Who is Theo Chino

I live at 640 Riverside Drive at the corner of 141st and Riverside since 1972.
My parents divorced, and during the 1980s, my mother sent me to live with my father because of the French public school's quality.

Vote by Mail

You can use the Board of Election website to request your absentee ballot.


You need to check the box #1 next to my full name.

Run in 2022 for a Party Position

It only takes 32 hours every two years to become a Super Voter. Super Voters elect the chair of the party and the replacement of elected officials that resign from their duties.