My advocacy for the Democratic Party

My advocacy for the Democratic Party

The Internal Corruption must cease.

I ram for Public Advocate because I am a victim of Housing Corruption where a minority of Non-Profit organizations use scheme to get unecessary loans on tenants.

These loans are secured by the City of New York and repaid by unsofisticated tenants whose building are converted into HDFC.

Last year I ran for the Chair of the Manhattan Democratic County Committee because I felt that our party is run by a handful of lawyers that uses every rule to silent dissent.

Since childhood believed that the party process was fair and open, but I discovered it was only an illusion that led me to change the dynamic from the inside.

I lived at 640 Riverside Drive, where I grew up in the '70s. My family moved from the Dominican Republic to Hamilton Heights in the '50s fter my Mother's Puerto Rican stepfather returned from World War II.

First of all, you are registered as a Democrat, which means that you have a voice on how the party decides how it works.

We created a Facebook group to discuss the difference of vision each of the candidates has for the Democratic Party as a whole. Feel free to share it with anyone that lives in the district.

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Vote Theo Chino for State Committee

Who is Theo Chino

I live at 640 Riverside Drive at the corner of 141st and Riverside since 1972.
My parents divorced, and during the 1980s, my mother sent me to live with my father because of the French public school's quality.

Vote by Mail

You can use the Board of Election website to request your absentee ballot.


You need to check the box #1 next to my full name.

Run in 2022 for a Party Position

It only takes 32 hours every two years to become a Super Voter. Super Voters elect the chair of the party and the replacement of elected officials that resign from their duties.